Please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. There will be a $100 cancellation fee if we are not notified with at least 24 hours of notice. All appointments require a credit card on file. 


Please note that we have a 15 minute grace period. If you are running late, please notify us. Failure to notify us will result in your appointment being rescheduled and/or a cancellation fee of $100. We reserve the right to refuse appointments to any patients who disregard our policy.


All services and pre-paid treatments are non-refundable.  If for some reason you are not able to use an un-rendered, pre-paid service, credit for the pro-rated share of unused treatments at the package price may be extended, and this may be used to purchase other treatments or products offered by JTN Aesthetics. The only time that we will provide a refund for your service, is if your complaint is accompanied by a practicing physician's note explaining your medically-inclined inability to utilize the service within 6 months of the purchase date of said service. 


JTN Aesthetics is committed to achieving the best outcome for you and are always honest in all our recommendations. Aesthetics is not an exact science and how you may respond to a given treatment will vary from person to person. Medical Spa treatments are a practice of medicine and it is virtually impossible to predict results and therefore payments made for services are for treatments to be performed – not for a specific result. 


We want to reiterate that as much as we love your furry companions, we do not allow pets in our office (service animals welcome). 


JTN Aesthetics will try to communicate policy changes with you in advance wherever possible. However, we do reserve the right to change our policies without notice.